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IMDEA Networks operates in an area of knowledge which is fundamental to present day society

Interview: Albert Banchs, Deputy Director of the Madrid Institute for Advanced Studies in Networks – IMDEA Networks. Albert Banchs, Ph.D....

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University Carlos III of Madrid qualifies as International Campus of Excellence

18 projects have been awarded funding and 9 the ranking of “CEI 2009” (Campus of Excellence 2009). Nine projects coordinated...

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Dynamic virtual communities spring from audio-visual content networks

Digital audio-visual (AV) content is today a medium that is in high demand by home users, thanks to the continuous...

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Arturo Azcorra appointed Director General for Technology Transfer and Entrepreneurial Development at the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation

The appointment by the Spanish Council of Ministers of Dr. Arturo Azcorra Saloña, former Director of IMDEA Networks, asDirector General for...

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“Within ten or twenty years, quantum communications could be part of daily life”

Interview with Arturo Azcorra, Director of IMDEA Networks. This professor of the Carlos III University of Madrid is the head...

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Toward a Quantum Internet?

Atomic and subatomic particles behave differently from macroscopic matter, and there are ways to create novel technologies that utilize this...

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Shim6 technique for future-proof high-availability internet access published

As the Internet more and more becomes a business critical resource, it is expected that increasing numbers of Internet users...

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Future global networks will be quantum networks

The application of quantum technologies to communications networks promises revolutionary changes to the secure, high–speed transmission of information across wired...

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More real than virtual reality

The senses of smell and touch have also arrived in virtual reality. New devices are being produced for that very...

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