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MINTS: The potential of mmWave technology

Millimeter-wave Networking and Sensing for Beyond 5G, with Joerg Widmer as Principal Investigator, is the base of this project funded...

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5TONIC Members take center stage at EuCNC Conference

Member companies of the 5TONIC, one of the first 5G use cases co-creation laboratories based in Madrid, took center stage...

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Edge Robotics applied to industry verticals

Handling robots remotely is already a reality that progressively will facilitate and change factory work as we know it. The...

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5G Research lab is on track to take factory vehicles off track

The 5TONIC co-creation and research laboratory near Madrid, Spain, has collaborated with Autonomously Guided Vehicle (AGV) specialist ASTI Mobile Robotics...

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FLYNET: Micro and Nano Aerial Vehicle Networks for Civilian Use

Domenico Giustiniano, a Research Assistant Professor at IMDEA Networks, is co-chairing the Workshop FLYNET: Micro and Nano Aerial Vehicle Networks...

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The Future: Smart roads and cooperative cars

The significant increase of traffic accidents on European roads as a result of the growing demand and concentration of vehicles...

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GeoNet successfully concluded by Final Workshop

GeoNet concluded its activity with its Final Workshop that took place 29 January 2010 in INRIA’s premises in Paris, France....

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Communic@ting Cars

Cars will be capable of exchanging information between one another and the surrounding area thanks to Internet and Wi-Fi connections,...

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