Month: April 2015

Dr. Adrian Loch, new Post-Doc Researcher

Dr. Adrian Loch has become a member of the IMDEA Networks research team. He will be working as a Post-Doc...

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Network virtualization: building the network of the future

Connectivity is something we take for granted in our daily lives, a reality that we can hardly do without but,...

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The IMDEA institutes receive the madri+d Honorable Mention to Public-Private Cooperation with Marketed Research Results

Lucía Figar de Lacalle, Minister of Education, Youth and Sports for the Community of Madrid and Luis Sánchez Álvarez, Director-General...

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SustainIT 2015: the sustainability of ICT, via ICT

The 4th IFIP Conference on Sustainable Internet and ICT for Sustainability successfully concluded in Madrid last week. SustainIT has brought together...

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Ubicua Xperience: How the first Smart Shopping Mall in Europe works

Researchers from Zendos Tecnología and the IMDEA Networks Institute have developed an innovative tool to analyze the behavior of customers...

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The intelligent platform Ubicua Xperience – business marketing for shopping malls

Researchers at Zendos Tecnología and IMDEA Networks Institute have developed an innovative tool for the analysis of customer and visitor...

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"Everyone and everything will be connected to the Internet"

Interview with Ralf Steinmetz. Visiting Professor, IMDEA Networks Institute; Chair of Excellence University Carlos III of Madrid-Banco Santander; Full Professor...

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