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Blockchain, unraveling the technology

Blockchain is an emerging technology first used for digital currency transactions in Bitcoin. Thanks to emerging blockchain platforms, it is...

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Thousands of mobile apps for children might be violating their privacy

Thousands of the most popular apps and games available, mostly free of charge, in the Google Play Store, make potentially...

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A research study analyzes the influence of algorithms on online publicity and advertising

When we look for information on the internet, buy online or use social networks we often see ads relating to...

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ÁBACO, a project to improve distribution of multi-device digital content

IMDEA Networks Institute announces the launch of the research project ÁBACO, an Open Source Distributed Platform for the Management and...

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"Trade-offs in Optimizing the Cache Deployments of CDNs"

Sergey Gorinsky, a research associate professor at Institute IMDEA Networks, and Syed Hasan, a PhD Student at Carlos III University...

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TorrentGuard: The partial solution to fake torrents

One of the main reasons why torrent downloads are dreaded by users who are not familiar enough with this environment are...

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TorrentGuard: The most effective tool against BitTorrent malware

BitTorrent is not immune from malware. Sites like The Pirate Bay, due the huge volume of contents distributed from them,...

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Torrent Guard: fake file detection and malware prevention in BitTorrent

P2P networks do not escape being a vehicle for the transmission of malicious files. A new software tool developed in...

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Researchers Counter Massive Onslaught of Fake Torrents

One third of all torrents uploaded to The Pirate Bay point to malware or scams, researchers report. While Pirate Bay...

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Transit for-Peering "TP4" Interconnection for Cost Reduction in Internet traffic

A new research study carried out by Institute IMDEA Networks proposes a new type of interconnection between Internet Service Providers...

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