Month: September 2015

“Although it is hard, a science career is never dull”

Interview with Fernando Boavida, Visiting Professor, IMDEA Networks Institute 1. To begin this interview, we are curious about how you were...

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False View research results from IMDEA Networks and UC3M impact advertising industry and society widely

Researchers from IMDEA Networks, UC3M, NEC Labs Europe and Politecnico of Torino have reached striking results in their recently published...

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Creating a “Science of the Internet”

Author: Sergey Gorinsky, Research Associate Professor, IMDEA Networks Institute The Network of Excellence EINS concludes its efforts after breaking new...

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Best Paper Award to members of the NETCOM Research Group at UC3M

The award-winning paper "Informing Protocol Design Through Crowdsourcing: the Case of Pervasive Encryption” to be included in a special edition...

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Edgar Arribas, new PhD student at IMDEA Networks Institute

Edgar Arribas is a new member of the IMDEA Networks research team. He will be joining us as a PhD...

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IMDEA Networks key partner in 5G program launched by Ericsson

IMDEA Networks Institute ha sido incluido como socio clave en el programa de investigación en 5G, lanzado por Ericsson bajo...

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Borja Fernández Vico, new Research Engineer at IMDEA Networks

Borja Fernández Vico is joining IMDEA Networks Institute as a Research Engineer from September 2015. Borja obtained his BSc degree...

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iJOIN project speeds up mobile traffic

Researchers from IMDEA Networks Institute have designed a new cloud infrastructure that shall take mobile traffic volume to new heights...

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Dario Bega, new PhD student at IMDEA Networks Institute

Dario Bega is a new member of the IMDEA Networks research team. He will be working as a PhD student...

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Guillermo Bielsa, new PhD student at IMDEA Networks Institute

Prior to his new incorporation to IMDEA Networks, Guillermo worked as an Internship Student at the Institute for nine months,...

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