Month: August 2016

Containing a Superintelligent AI Is Theoretically Impossible

We reproduce here in full an article published by the online magazine and video channel Motherboard of Vice Media. The...

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Adrian Loch receives ACM SIGCOMM 2016 travel grant

Adrian Loch, a Post-Doc Researcher at IMDEA Networks working in the Wireless Networking Group led by Joerg Widmer, has received...

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IMDEA Networks introduces the OpenVLC platform for research in Visible Light Communication Systems

Visible Light Communication (VLC), sometimes also referred to as “Li-Fi”, uses standard off-the-shelf visible light LEDs to transmit data using...

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Elnaz Alizadeh Jarchlo, new PhD Student

Elnaz Alizadeh Jarchlo has become a member of the IMDEA Networks research team. She will be working as a PhD Student within the Ubiquitous...

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Telefónica Invites Cohere Technologies to Join 5TONIC Lab

SANTA CLARA, California (USA) and MADRID (Spain) – August 2, 2016 – Cohere Technologies today announced that Telefonica, one of...

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