Month: June 2013

Albert Banchs, 2013 Excellence Award to Young UC3M Research Staff

Dr. Albert Banchs Roca, Deputy Director of Institute IMDEA Networks and Associate Professor at the Telematics Department of University Carlos...

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"This project will make available to us a groundbreaking knowledge on leading-edge technologies related to our scientific domain"

IX madrimasd Awards. Category: Best European Collaborative R&D Project. Runner-up Award. Interview with Albert Banchs, Deputy Director of Institute IMDEA...

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Hector Cordobés de la Calle, new Research Support member

Héctor Cordobés de la Calle has become a member of our Research Support team. He will be working as a...

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Network agility publication winner of the IETF/IRTF Applied Networking Research Prize

The network infrastructure of Internet Service Providers (ISPs) undergoes constant evolution. Whenever new requirements arise (e.g., the deployment of a...

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Agustín Santos Méndez, new Research Support member

Agustín Santos Méndez has become a member of our Research Support team. He will be working as a Research Engineer...

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Published Annual Report for 2012

​Over the past years, Institute IMDEA Networks has succeeded in putting together a team of top scientists that is contributing...

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