Month: October 2011

European Project TRILOGY redesigns the world’s Future Internet Infrastructure

With YouTube reaching 3 billion views per day and 2 days’ worth of uploaded videos every minute in 2011, Internet...

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"It was a difficult choice between the classical beauty of mathematics and a futuristic perspective of computers and communication"

Interview with Darek Kowalski, Visiting Researcher, Institute IMDEA Networks Darek Kowalski Visiting Researcher Institute IMDEA Networks 1. To begin this...

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Cutting the cord: how the world's engineers built Wi-Fi

Although wireless communication, especially on the frontier-like ISM band, is fraught with hidden dangers, the vendors working together in the...

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Redefining the net: TRILOGY brings users high quality, more reliable connections

EU-funded project TRILOGY has seen European researchers improve Internet traffic management and preserve high quality connections: all this in the...

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Unrevealing the dark side of BitTorrent

With tens of millions of users, download events every day, 60% of Europe’s upstream traffic and 20% of its downstream...

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