Month: January 2014

A study has revealed that professional publishers feed global P2P systems from within France

During the international IEEE P2P conference in September 2013 in Italy, a team of researchers from Télécom SudParis, Carlos III...

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Pablo Caballero, new PhD Student

Pablo Caballero Garcés has become a member of our research team. From January 2014, he will be working as a...

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Marco Ajmone Marsan, appointed Director of Italian Alta Scuola Politecnica

Marco Ajmone Marsan has been appointed Director of the Alta Scuola Politecnica (ASP), in Italy. He heads an Executive Board...

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Philippe Morere, new Research Engineer

Philippe Morere has become a member of our research team. He will be working as a Research Engineer under the...

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Mapping and measuring the West African Internet

Institute IMDEA Networks has announced the launch of an ambitious project to map and measure the network connectivity and reachability...

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"Trade-offs in Optimizing the Cache Deployments of CDNs"

Sergey Gorinsky, a research associate professor at Institute IMDEA Networks, and Syed Hasan, a PhD Student at Carlos III University...

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