Published Annual Report for 2012

03 June 2013

​Over the past years, Institute IMDEA Networks has succeeded in putting together a team of top scientists that is contributing to boost Madrid’s competitiveness as a technology- oriented region. IMDEA Networks is bringing substantial external funds to the region with its research contracts and projects: since its creation, it has been awarded a total of 9.6 M€ from competitive funds, out of which 1,158 K€ were budgeted for 2012. Such funds not only strengthen the technology profile of the region, but ultimately also contribute to its GDP. Furthermore, IMDEA Networks’ collaboration with local companies is helping to enhance Madrid’s high-tech output with cutting edge research findings. We believe that it is precisely by focusing on the development and manufacturing of products and services incorporating the most advanced technologies, and thus increasing their competitiveness, that Spain may efficiently combat the current economic crisis and make its mark on the 21st Century.

IMDEA Networks Annual Reports


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