The intelligent platform Ubicua Xperience – business marketing for shopping malls

16 April 2015

Researchers at Zendos Tecnología and IMDEA Networks Institute have developed an innovative tool for the analysis of customer and visitor behavior in Shopping Malls. The result is a technological platform called Ubicua Xperience that enables the application of business intelligence to promote direct interaction between a shopping mall and its customers, providing the latter advantages such as personalized information, individualized offers or child safety, all in real time.

The intelligent platform Ubicua Experience has made possible the “first smart shopping mall in Europe”. Through Wi-Fi and a single registration in the mobile application, Ubicua offers visitors of the Tres Aguas Shopping Mall (Madrid) a unique experience. Its sophisticated geolocation system tracks the user during its visit, analyzes its profile, captures its tastes, obtains a pattern and launches automated offers and promotions in the most precise and adequate manner. Ubicua thus creates consumer trends and triggers sales. It also directly links the user to its experience within the shopping center. Thanks to Big Data, business intelligence and geolocation, it allows those in charge of the Center to obtain real time information on the uses, habits and customs of its visitors, thus improving decision making and their capacity for action.

Ubicua Xperience is also a tool for child safety in large shopping areas. It features a warning system based on Wi-Fi. This allows children to be located at a distance of several meters, leaving behind the limitations of systems with Bluetooth support.

Ubicua Xperience is the result of R&D&I coupled with the integration of the latest IT technologies, including Big Data, Business Discovery, Business Intelligence, Cloud Computing, Software as a Service (SaaS) CRM and management of social networks, SDN (Software-defined networks), geolocation systems, next generation Wi-Fi, Integration APIs and APPs employed as human sensors. Technology developed by HP, Windows Azure and IMDEA Networks in collaboration with Zendos Technology have made it possible.

Ubicua Xperience: Cómo funciona el primer Centro Comercial inteligente de Europa [Ubicua Xperience: How the first smart Shopping Mall in Europe works]

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Source(s): IMDEA Networks Institute
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