Edge Robotics applied to industry verticals

12 July 2018

Handling robots remotely is already a reality that progressively will facilitate and change factory work as we know it.

The purpose of the demo shown on this video is to present the value chain generated by an Edge Robotics vertical that provides its services to a Manufacturer vertical. This is accomplished using a slice of the network provided by the operator that includes Edge devices. By means of virtualization technologies the Operator supplies networking and computing capabilities at the edge of the network. Everything is remote and secure.

This work has been performed by UC3M and IMDEA Networks researchers collaborating in the projects 5G-CORAL (Grant 761585), 5G-TRANSFORMER (Grant 761536) and 5GEx (Grant 671636). All of these projects are under the EU’s Horizon 2020 programme. The video was shot at the 5G innovation lab 5TONIC (headquartered at IMDEA Networks) where the three projects have regularly performed tests, experiments and demonstrations of the 5G technologies under their study.


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