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Consortium aims to make mobile video as cheap and easy as SMS

Institute IMDEA Networks is to participate in MEDIEVAL, a new project that aims to enable today’s mobile internet architecture to...

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Institute IMDEA Networks is Sad to Announce the Death of Nicolas Georganas, honored researcher, pioneer of Information Technology

It is with profound regret that Institute IMDEA Networks announces the death of long-time collaborator Dr. Nicolas D. Georganas. Dr...

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Joint venture to foster networking research exchange across European borders

A new German office jointly founded by Institute IMDEA Networks, NEC Laboratories Europe and Technische Universität Darmstadt will bring together researchers from all three organizations...

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Institute IMDEA Networks reaches out

The Institute IMDEA Networks is taking innovative steps to identify, engage with and attract brilliant young scientists who will help...

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For the first time, the Autonomous Community of Madrid is organising Researchers’ Night

Researchers' Night is a festive event covered by the PEOPLE Programme, 7th European Framework Programme, to be held in more...

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Institute IMDEA Networks Workshop helps researchers meet the challenges of energy efficiency

IMDEA Networks’ Second Annual International Workshop, this year addressing Energy Efficiency and Networking, brought together members of the institute’s Scientific...

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Innovation is the only way forward

Spain has grown more than the rest of Europe over the past years, but the country is now forced to...

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Arturo Azcorra takes office as Director General of CDTI, the Spanish Centre for the Development of Industrial Technology

The Minister of Science and Innovation of Spain, Ms. Cristina Garmendia presided this afternoon, at the main offices of the...

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The European Investment Bank grants an 80 million Euros loan to the Madrid Regional Government to fund the IMDEA research network

The European Investment Bank (EIB), through its Human Capital Division, has granted the Madrid Regional Government an 80 million Euros...

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“The aim of the State Innovation Strategy is to increase the number of innovative businesses and the intensity of their commitment to innovation”

Arturo Azcorra acted as Director of IMDEA Networks from its inception until very recently, when he was appointed as Director...

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