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Institute IMDEA Networks welcomes young talent to Open House event

Institute IMDEA Networks is to stage a one-day Open House inviting young people to explore career paths in networking research,...

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"Why I am a Scientist” event makes its mark in Researchers’ Night

Institute IMDEA Networks has thrown its support behind Researchers’ Night, held in different European Union cities to bring science to...

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For the first time, the Autonomous Community of Madrid is organising Researchers’ Night

Researchers' Night is a festive event covered by the PEOPLE Programme, 7th European Framework Programme, to be held in more...

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Innovation is the only way forward

Spain has grown more than the rest of Europe over the past years, but the country is now forced to...

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“The aim of the State Innovation Strategy is to increase the number of innovative businesses and the intensity of their commitment to innovation”

Arturo Azcorra acted as Director of IMDEA Networks from its inception until very recently, when he was appointed as Director...

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More real than virtual reality

The senses of smell and touch have also arrived in virtual reality. New devices are being produced for that very...

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“Our students carry out virtual cataract operations”

The expert in virtual reality ended his tour of research centres at Ikerlan He filled the conference room of the...

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Telecomunications in Tele-medicine and in medical Tele-mentoring: The Importance of capturing and transmitting the Feeling of “Touch” over Networks

Dream, reality or necessity? In 2001, a trans-atlantic tele-robotic surgery, code-named Lindbergh, was performed from NY by Drs. Jacques Marescaux...

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IMDEA Networks joins the Spanish e-Science Network (Red Española de e-Ciencia)

IMDEA Networks has become a new member of the Spanish e-Science Network. E-Science aims to organize, coordinate and drive the development of...

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Jornada Ciencia Empresa: Tecnologías de las Comunicaciones

El sexto mes del año acoge el Foro de Ciencia y Tecnología madri+d dedicado, en esta ocasión, a las Tecnologías...

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