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IMDEA Networks joins the Spanish e-Science Network (Red Española de e-Ciencia)

IMDEA Networks has become a new member of the Spanish e-Science Network. E-Science aims to organize, coordinate and drive the development of...

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Jornada Ciencia Empresa: Tecnologías de las Comunicaciones

El sexto mes del año acoge el Foro de Ciencia y Tecnología madri+d dedicado, en esta ocasión, a las Tecnologías...

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Madri+d Communications Technologies Forum

The Madri+d Science and Technology Forum in June will focus on Communications Technologies, a field of unquestionable importance and appeal...

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REDIMadrid celebrates its Technical Workshops 2008

The objective of these Workshops is to discuss the importance of the technological medium of telematics networks in general, and...

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Spanish Research is given another boost in the European Union's 2nd Conference for The Marco VII Programme

The expertise of Spanish research groups are beginning to spill over into the private sector thanks to new European initiatives....

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Tribuna – Arturo Fernández: Universities and Businesses

We live in a globalised world in which the generation of knowledge is the essential raw material for the creation...

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Madrid Institute of Advance Studies (IMDEA) announces first international call for applications

IMDEA is a network of international research centres of independent legal status, promoted on the initiative of the regional government...

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Aguirre announces ten science institutes in next term of office

Esperanza Aguirre's government plan to invest 300 million euros in opening ten institutes of science and technology in the region...

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Madrid invests 500 million in creating ten institutes of science and technology

Esperanza Aguirre has her sights set on making Madrid Europe's Mecca of scientific research. To do so, from 2007 the...

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