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Nanosecond-precision Time-of-Arrival Estimation for Aircraft Signals with low-cost SDR Receivers

Precise Time-of-Arrival (TOA) estimations of aircraft and drone signals are important for a wide set of applications including aircraft/drone tracking,...

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Data Fusion for Hybrid and Autonomous Time-of-Flight Positioning

Existing mobile devices such as smartphones rely on a multi-radio access technology (RAT) architecture to provide pervasive location information in...

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Communication-Driven Localization and Mapping for Millimeter Wave Networks

Millimeter wave (mmWave) communications are an essential component of 5G-and-beyond ultra-dense Gbit/s wireless networks, but also pose significant challenges related...

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MONROE Stakeholders' Meeting: Mobile Broadband Networks in Southern Europe

In the frame of the H2020 project MONROE, IMDEA Networks will bring together in Madrid operators and regulators from Southern...

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