Making BGP filtering an habit: Impact on policies

12 Dec

Juan Camilo Cardona, PhD student, Institute IMDEA Networks, Spain

In-house Presentation

It is common practice for network operators, usually for traffic engineering purposes, to propagate more specific prefixes (overlapping prefixes) along with shorter prefixes that cover them. On the other hand, it can be beneficial for some Autonomous Systems (ASes) to filter such overlapping prefixes.

When overlapping prefixes are filtered and packets are forwarded according to the covering prefix, the discrepancy in the routing policies applied to covering and overlapping prefixes can lead to a violation of policies of neighbor ASes.

The draft that we are going to introduce presents examples of such potential threats, and discusses solutions to the problem.  The objective of the document is to enable the use of prefix filtering while making the routing community aware of the cases where the effects of filtering might turn to be negative for the business of ISPs.

The talk will be based on the contents of the next IETF draft:

Who is Juan Camilo Cardona?

Juan Camilo graduated from the University Santo Tomás in Colombia as a Telecommunications Engineer. In 2008 he received a M.Sc. in Communications Engineering from Technische Universität München, in Germany. He is currently undertaking a Masters degree in Telematics Engineering at University Carlos III of Madrid Before joining Institute IMDEA networks, Juan Camilo worked for Internet Service Providers and Network Integrators, the last one being ITS INFOCOMUNICACION. During his time as a student in Munich, he undertook an Internship with Nokia Siemens Networks

Juan Camilo’s personal site

This event will be conducted in English


  • Location: Sala 4.1.F03, Edificio Torres Quevedo, UC3M, Avda. Universidad, 30, 28911 Leganes – Madrid

  • Organization: NETCOM Research Group (Telematics Engineering Department, UC3M); Institute IMDEA Networks
  • Time: 01:30pm
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