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PhD Thesis defense: Towards Large-Scale and Collaborative Spectrum Monitoring Systems using IoT Devices

The Electromagnetic (EM) spectrum is well regulated by frequency assignment authorities, national regulatory agencies and the International Communication Union (ITU)....

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PhD Thesis defense: Enhanced connectivity in wireless mobile programmable networks

The infrastructure of current 4G mobile networks is being challenged by new data-hungry and latency-sensitive services appearing every day. To...

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PhD Thesis defense: Optimizing the delivery of multimedia over mobile networks

The consumption of multimedia content is moving from a residential environment to mobile phones. Mobile data traffic, driven mostly by video...

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PhD Thesis defense: Opportunistic Timing Signals for Pervasive Mobile Localization

The proliferation of handheld devices and the pressing need of location-based services call for precise and accurate ubiquitous geographic mobile...

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PhD Thesis defense: Methods for revealing and reshaping the African Internet ecosystem as a case study for developing regions: From isolated networks to a connected continent

While connecting end-users worldwide, the Internet increasingly promotes local development by making challenges much simpler to overcome, regardless of the...

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PhD Thesis defense: Peer-to-Peer Television for the IP Multimedia Subsystem

Abstract: Peer-to-peer (P2P) video streaming has generated a significant amount of interest in both the research community and the industry,...

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