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PhD Thesis defense: Algorithm design for scheduling and medium access control in heterogeneous mobile networks

The rapid growth of wireless mobile devices has led to saturation and congestion of wireless channels – a well-known fact. In the recent years, this issue is further exacerbated by the ever- increasing demand for traffic intensed multimedia content applications, which include but are not limited to social media, news and video streaming applications.

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PhD Thesis defense: Efficient Voice and Video Traffic Delivery in 802.11 WLANs: Design, implementation and Experimental Evaluation

While the IEEE 802.11 protocol has fostered ubiquitous connectivity for wireless users, it was not originally designed to efficiently handle voice or video traffic, which nowadays accounts for most of the Internet traffic.

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PhD Thesis defense: Enhancement in Spectrum Management Techniques for Heterogeneous 5G Future Networks

In the last decade, cellular networks are undergoing with a radical change in their basic design foundations. The huge increase in traffic demand requires a novel design of future cellular networks.

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Phd Thesis defense: Analysis, Design and Experimental Evaluation of Connectivity Management in Heterogeneous Wireless Environments

The future of network communications is mobile as user's demand for ubiquitous connectivity increases. Wireless has become the primary access technology, leading to an explosion in traffic demand. This challenges network providers to manage and configure new requirements without incrementing costs in the same amount. In addition to the growth in the use of mobile devices, there is a need to operate simultaneously different access technologies.

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PhD Thesis defense: Visible Light and Device-to-Device Communications: System Analysis and Implementation

Radio-frequency based wireless communications have revolutionized our society. Thanks to important wireless communication technologies such as Wi-Fi, LTE, and so on, people can enjoy high data rate and pervasive connections while surfing the Internet. 

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PhD Thesis defense: The Role of Topology and Contracts in Internet Content Delivery

The Internet depends on economic relationships between ASes (Autonomous Systems), which come in different shapes and sizes - transit, content, and access networks. CDNs (Content delivery networks) are also a pivotal part of the Internet ecosystem and construct their overlays for faster content delivery. 

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PhD Thesis defense: Distributed Mobility Management for a Flat Architecture in 5G Mobile Networks: Solutions, Analysis and Experimental Validation

In the last years, the commercial deployment of data services in mobile networks has been evolving quickly, providing enhanced radio access technologies and more efficient network architectures.

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PhD Thesis defense: Structural Issues and Energy Efficiency in Data Centers

With the rise of cloud computing, data centers have been called to play a main role in the Internet scenario nowadays. Despite this relevance, they are probably far from their zenith yet due to the ever increasing demand of contents to be stored in and distributed by the cloud, the need of computing power or the larger and larger amounts of data being analyzed by top companies such as Google, Microsoft or Amazon.

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PhD Thesis defense: Theoretical and Empirical Analysis of Fundamental Bottlenecks in Networking and Distributed Computing

The goal of the thesis is to resolve distributed computing bottlenecks arising from continuously increasing amount of incoming data and from...

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PhD Thesis defense: Analysis and Performance Improvement of Consumer-Grade Millimeter Wave Wireless Networks

Millimeter-wave (mmWave) networks are one of the main key components in next cellular and WLANs (Wireless Local Area Networks). mmWave...

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