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PhD Thesis defense: Achieving Reliability and Fairness in Online Task Computing Environments

We consider online task computing environments such as volunteer computing platforms running on BOINC (e.g., SETI@home) and crowdsourcing platforms such as Amazon’s Mechanical Turk. We model the computations as an Internet-based task computing system under the master-worker paradigm. A master entity sends tasks across the Internet, to worker entities willing to perform a computational task. 

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PhD Thesis defense: Inter-domain traffic management in an evolving Internet peering ecosystem

The operators of the Autonomous Systems (ASes) composing the Internet must deal with a constant traffic growth, while striving to reduce the overall cost-per-bit and keep an acceptable quality of service.

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PhD Thesis defense: Analytical characterization of in-band and out-band D2D communications for network access

Cooperative short-range communication schemes provide powerful tools to solve interference and resource shortage problems in wireless access networks. With such schemes, a mobile node with excellent cellular connectivity can momentarily accept to relay traffic for its neighbors experiencing poor radio conditions and use Device-to-Device

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PhD Thesis defense: Analyzing the Behavior of Students Regarding Learning Activities, Badges, and Academic Dishonesty in MOOC Environments

The 'big data' scene has brought new improvement opportunities to most products and services, including education. Web-based learning has become very widespread over the last decade, which in conjunction with the MOOC phenomenon, it has enabled the collection of large and rich data samples regarding the interaction of students with these educational online environments. 

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Phd Thesis defense: Online Scheduling in Fault-Prone Systems: Performance Optimization and Energy Efficiency

Everyone is familiar with the problem of online scheduling, even if they are not aware of it; from the way we prioritize our everyday decisions to the way a delivery service must decide on the route to follow in order to cover the ongoing requests. In computer science this is a problem of even greater importance.

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PhD Thesis defense: Prediction-based techniques for the optimization of mobile networks

Mobile cellular networks are complex system whose behavior is characterized by the superposition of several random phenomena, most of which, related to human activities, such as mobility, communications and network usage. However, when observed in their totality, the many individual components merge into more deterministic patterns and trends start to be identifiable and predictable.

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PhD Thesis defense: Opportunistic Device-To-Device Communication In Cellular Networks: From Theory To Practice

Cellular service providers have been struggling with users’ demand since the emergence of mobile Internet. As a result, each generation of cellular network prevailed over its predecessors mainly in terms of connection speed.

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PhD Thesis defense: Optimization of Energy Efficiency in Data and Web Hosting Centers

This thesis tackles the optimization of energy efficiency in data centers in terms of network and server utilization.

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PhD Thesis defense: Enhancing Wireless local area Networks by leveraging Diverse Frequency Resources

In this thesis, signal propagation variations that are experience over the frequency resources of IEEE 802.11 Wireless Local Area Networks (WLANs) are studied.

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PhD Thesis defense: Algorithm design for scheduling and medium access control in heterogeneous mobile networks

The rapid growth of wireless mobile devices has led to saturation and congestion of wireless channels – a well-known fact. In the recent years, this issue is further exacerbated by the ever- increasing demand for traffic intensed multimedia content applications, which include but are not limited to social media, news and video streaming applications.

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