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MINTS: The potential of mmWave technology

Millimeter-wave Networking and Sensing for Beyond 5G, with Joerg Widmer as Principal Investigator, is the base of this project funded...

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The birth of a new discipline: Low-energy Visible Light IoT Systems

New ENLIGHT’EM project, coordinated by IMDEA Networks Institute, is set to use Visible Light Communications (VLC) technology to bring connectivity...

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Novel communications architecture for future ultra-high speed wireless networks developed by IMDEA Networks researchers

The radio frequency spectrum, the basis for wireless telecommunications, is a finite resource that needs to be managed effectively to...

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Future mmWave networks set to deliver the best features of High and Low Frequencies

Future high-speed communication networks based on millimeter-wave (30-300GHz) technology will be more robust and efficient in delivering extremely high speed,...

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Forward thinking 5G and beyond research at IMDEA Networks receives major backing

The Wireless Networking Group at IMDEA Networks, led by the Institute’s Research Director Dr. Joerg Widmer, has received major financial...

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5TONIC adds ice n’ slice to 5G innovation

As 5G prepares for commercial launch, more work is necessary on the use cases that will justify the steep investment...

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Demonstrating a 5G future

The 5TONIC co-creation laboratory recently gave an impressive demonstration of future 5G use cases to Julio Linares Lopez, chair of...

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Luz Wavelabs joins 5TONIC project as industry collaborator

Innovative wireless data company Luz Wavelabs has become a new collaborator within 5TONIC’s 5G research and co-creation laboratory in Madrid. ...

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Low frequency assists high frequency in millimeter-wave networks

This video shows two technical demonstrations of current research work on mobile technologies by the Wireless Networking Group at IMDEA...

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InterDigital Announces Successful Demonstration of 5G Ready mmW Wireless Crosshaul Transport

Company’s EdgeLink™ 60GHz Solution and Fast-Forward 70GHz Solution Prove New 5G Fronthaul Upper-Layer and Lower-Layer Transport Over Wireless. Trials were...

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