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Thousands of mobile apps for children might be violating their privacy

Thousands of the most popular apps and games available, mostly free of charge, in the Google Play Store, make potentially...

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A research study analyzes the influence of algorithms on online publicity and advertising

When we look for information on the internet, buy online or use social networks we often see ads relating to...

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Now 5TONIC is making clothes smarter!

Don’t worry, 5TONIC has not branched out into fashion design.  However, one test this laboratory of 5G excellence co-founded and...

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Raising transparency in the online advertising ecosystem

The online advertising business, led by companies like Google or Facebook, generated over $200 billion revenue in 2017, with an...

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ATOMICDFS: Making Distributed Storage Highly Consistent

One of the fundamental open challenges in computer science is effective data storage. The socio-economic value and scale of information increases...

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Making Data Centers Green

The value and scale of information grows unstoppably and data centers must size-up if they are to adequately meet their...

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Héctor Cordobés from IMDEA Networks receives Honorable Mention at Data Science Awards Spain 2016

Héctor Cordobés de la Calle, a research engineer at IMDEA Networks Institute, has received an Honorable Mention at the Data Science Awards...

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Big Data & Cloud Computing: hand in hand

Since the inception of the information age, the flow of global communications and networking has increased exponentially. As a result,...

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Ubicua Xperience: How the first Smart Shopping Mall in Europe works

Researchers from Zendos Tecnología and the IMDEA Networks Institute have developed an innovative tool to analyze the behavior of customers...

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The intelligent platform Ubicua Xperience – business marketing for shopping malls

Researchers at Zendos Tecnología and IMDEA Networks Institute have developed an innovative tool for the analysis of customer and visitor...

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