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Seeking efficient, strongly consistent data storage for our files

Building on two decades of incremental research on data storage, IMDEA Networks launches the scientific project ATOMICDFS, with the aim...

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Unlocking the potential of big data in the cloud

Cloud computing and Big Data are the two top innovation hubs in ICT. Together they have the potential to become...

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Brain Inspired Data Engineering

What if next-generation ICT systems could be based on the brain’s structure and its cognitive and adaptive processes? A groundbreaking...

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Combining Graphs and Big Data to Recommend Apps

Antonio Fernández Anta, Research Professor at IMDEA Networks Institute, was invited to deliver a Keynote speech at the first Machine...

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ORÁCULO, a research project about data analysis

IMDEA Networks Institute announces the launch of the research project ORÁCULO. The overall objective of this project is to develop...

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Antonio Fernández Anta Track Theory Chair for ICDCS’14

Antonio Fernández Anta, Research Associate Professor at IMDEA Networks Institute, is Program Committee Track Chair for the 34th International Conference...

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Research in social management of data, the “oil of the 21st century”

FuturICT (www.futurict.eu), scientifically lead by Professor Dirk Helbing (ETHZ) and coordinated by Professor Steven Bishop (UCL) has now submitted an...

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