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Suman Banerjee, named ACM Fellow 2020

Suman Banerjee, professor in computer science at the University of Wisconsin–Madison, where he is the founding director of the WiNGS...

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“IMDEA Networks it's not only a great place where to work but also a great place where to live every day”

In this second interview, Marco Fiore, Research Associate Professor at IMDEA Networks, tells us the importance of having an open...

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The CoronaSurveys Project, among the finalists for the COVID-19 Symptom Data Challenge

Over 150 researchers and 50 organisations participated in the call for proposals entitled the COVID-19 Symptom Data Challenge, sponsored by...

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The keys to work at IMDEA Networks, according to Marco Fiore: hard work and passion

Marco Fiore, Research Associate Professor at IMDEA Networks, is the head of the Networks Data Science Group on research activities...

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"IMDEA Networks has a very supportive environment. My supervisor was there from day one"

We interview one of the members of our Alumni Network, Dr. Angelos Chatzipapas. He obtained his PhD from IMDEA Networks...

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How to value (effectively) the data?

Nikolaos Laoutaris has participated on Friday 23 October 2020 in the Internet Governance Forum Spain 2020 (IGF-Spain, 22 and 23...

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IMDEA Networks hosted ICNP 2020

IEEE ICNP 2020 met on October 13 to 16. For the first time in its 28-year history, the conference was...

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The project led by IMDEA Networks’ researcher to measure the real impact of Covid using social networks’ surveys now reaches 150 countries

The project called CoronaSurveys was created to “Measure the Iceberg” and was based on the idea that the iceberg has...

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A geospatial study identifies the most vulnerable areas to COVID-19

Some Spanish areas are more likely than others to suffer a coronavirus outbreak and, therefore, would require greater protection measures...

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The present of the future of data analysis

Antonio Fernández Anta has participated in one of the “MBA Talks” of the Canarian academic center MBA Business School: “Big Data...

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