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Institute IMDEA Networks reaches out

The Institute IMDEA Networks is taking innovative steps to identify, engage with and attract brilliant young scientists who will help...

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Institute IMDEA Networks Workshop helps researchers meet the challenges of energy efficiency

IMDEA Networks’ Second Annual International Workshop, this year addressing Energy Efficiency and Networking, brought together members of the institute’s Scientific...

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Excellent grades for CARMEN

The Audit of the European Project CARMEN (CARrrier grade MEsh Networks) conducted in Madrid on March 3rd and 4th has...

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The Future: Smart roads and cooperative cars

The significant increase of traffic accidents on European roads as a result of the growing demand and concentration of vehicles...

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IMDEA Networks building the future of networking

The Regional Government of Madrid and University Carlos III collaborate in the building of an International centre of excellence in...

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IMDEA Networks operates in an area of knowledge which is fundamental to present day society

Interview: Albert Banchs, Deputy Director of the Madrid Institute for Advanced Studies in Networks – IMDEA Networks. Albert Banchs, Ph.D....

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Dynamic virtual communities spring from audio-visual content networks

Digital audio-visual (AV) content is today a medium that is in high demand by home users, thanks to the continuous...

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