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€4.6m to deliver next-generation cloud service provisioning for the Internet of Everything

Researchers at IMDEA Networks are working on a €4.6million EU-funded project called RECAP to develop the next generation of optimised...

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Big Data & Cloud Computing: hand in hand

Since the inception of the information age, the flow of global communications and networking has increased exponentially. As a result,...

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Unlocking the potential of big data in the cloud

Cloud computing and Big Data are the two top innovation hubs in ICT. Together they have the potential to become...

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Energy management of cloud computing improved

Researchers at IMDEA Networks Institute and other international centers have presented improvements in the energy management of cloud computing centers,...

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Cloud computing: the last step towards technological globalization?

Cloud computing is not only the latest revolution in the ICT world, but a key enhancer of innovation and economic...

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Cloud technologies will improve performance and efficiency of mobile networks

The increasingly widespread use of smartphones capable of delivering audio and video streaming is leading to an exponential growth in...

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"This project will make available to us a groundbreaking knowledge on leading-edge technologies related to our scientific domain"

IX madrimasd Awards. Category: Best European Collaborative R&D Project. Runner-up Award. Interview with Albert Banchs, Deputy Director of Institute IMDEA...

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iJOIN: mobile internet in the cloud

​​The increasingly widespread use of smartphones capable of delivering audio and video streaming has caused an exponential growth in the...

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The madri+d Foundation awards the Prize to the Best European Cooperative R&D Project

This category honours the research projects approved by the European Commission corresponding to the calls for projects falling within the...

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Towards a cloud-based mobile networks architecture

In recent decades, we have witnessed an exponential growth in the volume of traffic carried through mobile networks, for which...

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