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Armasuisse - SPECTRUMCOP PROGRAM: SpecScale

Large networks to monitor the spectrum present problems of scalability across several dimensions: capability to swiftly detect events with an...

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Create the foundations for an accurate, autonomous, fast and secure system that identifies intruders in the electromagnetic space, before the...

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ENLIGHTEM is an Innovative Training Networks (ITN) project.  This type of projects aim to train a new generation of creative,...

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PinPoint 5G+

Positioning data is the cornerstone to enable data analytics and applications in the location-based service (LBS) market. At the same...

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The global telecommunications market has become tremendously competitive due to the emergence of new Asian players and saturation of traditional...

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We are at the “eve” of a fundamental transition in 5G, and the aspiration of 5G-EVE is to create the...

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Large-scale computing systems are today built as distributed systems (for reasons of scale, heterogeneity, cost and energy efficiency), where components...

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Advanced techniques to enhance the intelligence of 5G networks.

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The SYMBIOSIS project is an innovation action funded in the scope of Horizon 2020’s BlueGrowth program, EU’s long term strategy to...

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