IPv6 deployment monitoring

Research contract with TNO Information and Communication Technology
  • Financed by: TNO Information and Communication Technology (Planning Performance and Quality Department)
  • Duration: January 2009 to December 2010

In 2008, the European Commission launched the IPv6 Action plan 2008 “Advancing the Internet“. The reason for this was the understanding that the pool of IPv4 addresses would soon be depleted. The introduction of IPv6 is envisaged as a solution. However, the IPv6 Monitoring Deployment measurement campaign shows that availability of on-line content on IPv6 enabled web sites, and actual usage of IPv6 protocols, has hardly increased. Based on the research, we strongly recommend the European Commission to define concrete and realistic goals. With these actions, the European Commission will enable Europe to take the unavoidable next steps in IPv6 deployment.

IMDEA Networks Institute provided an expert reviewer for this research.