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In 2021, 5G started being deployed worldwide, with minimum coverage that is expected to accelerate and reach a worldwide technology...

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Armasuisse -TecLoch

TechLoc will have as first objective the investigation of a signal technology classification based on the combination of Embedding, LSTM...

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User level traffic prediction in cellular network

The aim of this project is to leverage machine learning techniques to perform accurate user-level traffic prediction to improve theperformance...

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Datacenter with High Efficiency - Optimizing Organization and Scheduling of Datacenter Resources

The number of data centers is rapidly growing and their use is increasingly widespread, however, their efficiency is very low....

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This research is on theories and techniques for globally reducing energy consumption at the network level. The following issues are investigated:...

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BGP Route Servers: scaling and convergence

Route Servers are used at Internet eXchange Points to allow the exchange of traffic among members, without requiring the establishment...

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Towards flexible in-network processing of data streams

Modern packet processing engines (PPEs) are faced with highly heterogeneous workloads driven by high volumes of end users and application types. A...

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A Comprehensive Simulation Model For IEEE 802.11ay for the ns-3 Network Simulator

Wireless communications in the millimeter-wave (mmWave) band bring unprecedented capabilities to achieve wireline performance in wireless networks and alleviate the...

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Online services have the capacity of learning the preferences and interests of individual customers based on their online activity. Using...

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With the increase of marine activity, protecting marine infrastructures from terrorist threats has become a main concern. We propose to...

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