Datacenter with High Efficiency - Optimizing Organization and Scheduling of Datacenter Resources

IMDEA Networks is an Associated Partner in this project
  • Financed by: National Science Foundation of China (NSFC)
  • Duration: January 2016 to December 2020
  • Contact: Antonio FERNÁNDEZ ANTA, Principal Investigator for IMDEA Networks

The number of data centers is rapidly growing and their use is increasingly widespread, however, their efficiency is very low. Typical resource utilization is about 5% to 25% according to some statistics. In addition, power consumption in data centers is extremely high and inefficient. This inefficiency implies wasting hardware and software resources as well as energy, which may hinder further development and usage of data centers themselves, while being harmful to the environment. This research investigates techniques that improve the efficiency of data centers through resource organization, allocation and scheduling. In particular, multi-objective optimization models and algorithms will be developed to achieve this. The objective of this research is to meet the service demands of datac enters while decreasing their resource consumption.

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