Autonomous Platform for Securing Marine Infrastructures
IMDEA Networks is the project coordinator
  • Financed by: NATO. Science for Peace and Security Programme (SPS)
  • Duration: May 2017 to May 2020
  • Contact: Paolo CASARI, IMDEA Networks project coordinator

With the increase of marine activity, protecting marine infrastructures from terrorist threats has become a main concern. We propose to develop and demonstrate a novel prototype for reliable, real-time detection of diver and mines. Our system combines acoustic remote detection with verification using pattern recognition on underwater imagery. First, we analyse the acoustic reflections to localize a target that fits the pattern of a diver or a submerged mine. Then, in case the release or presence of a mine is suspected, a vehicle is dispatched to first inspect the target through its optical and sonar systems, and then to send the processed information back through underwater acoustic communication.