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Towards Ultra-Low Latency User-Plane Cyberattack Detection in SDN-based Smart Grids

Machine Learning (ML) models are widely used for cyberattack detection in Smart Grids (SG) based on Software-Defined Networks (SDN). However,...

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Jewel: Resource-Efficient Joint Packet and Flow Level Inference in Programmable Switches

Embedding machine learning (ML) models in programmable switches realizes the vision of high-throughput and low-latency inference at line rate. Recent...

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Optimizing Passive Metasurface for Low Earth Orbit Satellite Communication

Low Earth Orbit (LEO) satellite communication is crucial for wireless communication. While manufacturing and launching LEO satellites have become more...

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Det-RAN: Data-Driven Cross-Layer Attack Detection in 5G Open RANs

Fifth generation (5G) and beyond cellular networks are still vulnerable to security threats, primarily due to the lack of integrity...

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Transformer-Based Quantification of the Echo Chamber Effect in Online Communities

An Echo Chamber on social media refers to the environment where like-minded people hear the echo of each others’ voices,...

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Resilient AI/ML for Mobile Networking

The next sixth generation (6G) networks will bring a paradigm shift from “connected things” to “connected intelligence,” supporting even more...

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Live session on redacting your CV

This will be a live session about redacting a Curriculum Vitae, especially for applying for internships during your PhD or...

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Latency measurements, characterisation and forecasting with ripe atlas

In this work, we present a data analytics methodology to characterise and forecast the latency on public clouds for any...

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FEC decoding in the quantum setting

Forward Error Correction (FEC) stands as pivotal yet resource-expensive task within the uplink processing pipeline of 5G mobile networks. Modern...

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Empowerment of Atypical Viewers via Low-Effort Personalized Modeling of Video Streaming Quality

Quality of Experience (QoE) and QoE models are of an increasing importance to networked systems. The traditional QoE modeling for...

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