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kaNSaaS: Joint Admission Control and Resource Allocation of Network Slices with Overbooking

Cloud-native mobile networks pave the road for long-envisioned Network Slicing as a Service (NSaaS) paradigms.  Beyond well-studied management challenges of...

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A new methodology to measure faultlines at scale leveraging digital traces

The definition of society is tight with human group-level behavior. Group faultlines, defined as hypothetical lines splitting groups into homogeneous...

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Spatial Coverage Inference from Base Station Deployments

Mapping information collected at the level of individual base stations onto the geographical space is required for many works relying...

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Quantum Computation and Quantum Communication - Introduction and Future Prospects

Quantum Computation and Communication are making the transition from a mature area of more than 30 years of theoretical research...

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Uncovering Hidden Pockets of Knowledge in a Multilingual Underground Forum

Underground forums are important hubs for the exchange of knowledge that foster the creation of hacking tools and illicit services....

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ImposTer: Towards an extensible privacy analysis framework for Smart Homes

The IoT ecosystem is an intricate and complex network of stakeholders that includes platforms, developers, ad networks and cloud providers. However, the...

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Machine learning and reasoning on a 4G/5G MAC scheduling policy

In the latest 3GPP releases, specific use-cases for AI/ML algorithms have been recognized and specified. The integration of AI/ML functional...

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Scalable Outlier Detection Methods for Functional Data: Methods and Software Applications

We consider the problem of outlier detection in the context of functional data analysis (FDA). Observations in FDA context are...

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Getting the Best of Both Worlds (IoT and Edge) using Hierarchical Inference

In the past decade, Deep Neural Networks (DNNs) have achieved unprecedented improvement in the inference accuracy for several hard-to-tackle applications...

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Signaling in PHY preamble for mmWave WLAN systems

As the Wi-Fi technology transitions into mmWave bands, there is a growing consensus on the need to support new functions...

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