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The Case for Hierarchical Deep Learning Inference at the Network Edge

Resource-constrained Edge Devices (EDs), e.g., IoT sensors and microcontroller units, are expected to make intelligent decisions using Deep Learning (DL)...

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Fast Detection of Cyberattacks on the Metaverse through User-plane Inference

The metaverse is envisioned as a digital world where people can experience an immersive three-dimensional Internet, thanks to the profound...

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Flowrest: Practical Flow-Level Inference in Programmable Switches with Random Forests

User-plane machine learning enables low-latency and high-throughput inference at line rate. Yet, data planes are highly constrained environments, and restrictions...

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A high-resolution service-level traffic dataset

The study of sociology and intrinsic human characteristics is reaching new frontiers after getting the access of mobile data sources....

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Quantum Networks: A stepping stone towards the Quantum Internet

The field of Quantum Communications has seen a rapid transition from a theoretical topic at the boundary of Physics and...

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AutoManager: a Meta-Learning Model for Network Management from Intertwined Forecasts

A variety of network management and orchestration (MANO) tasks take advantage of predictions to support anticipatory decisions. In many practical...

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kaNSaaS: Joint Admission Control and Resource Allocation of Network Slices with Overbooking

Cloud-native mobile networks pave the road for long-envisioned Network Slicing as a Service (NSaaS) paradigms.  Beyond well-studied management challenges of...

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A new methodology to measure faultlines at scale leveraging digital traces

The definition of society is tight with human group-level behavior. Group faultlines, defined as hypothetical lines splitting groups into homogeneous...

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Spatial Coverage Inference from Base Station Deployments

Mapping information collected at the level of individual base stations onto the geographical space is required for many works relying...

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Quantum Computation and Quantum Communication - Introduction and Future Prospects

Quantum Computation and Communication are making the transition from a mature area of more than 30 years of theoretical research...

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