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Latency measurements, characterisation and forecasting with ripe atlas

In this work, we present a data analytics methodology to characterise and forecast the latency on public clouds for any...

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FEC decoding in the quantum setting

Forward Error Correction (FEC) stands as pivotal yet resource-expensive task within the uplink processing pipeline of 5G mobile networks. Modern...

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Empowerment of Atypical Viewers via Low-Effort Personalized Modeling of Video Streaming Quality

Quality of Experience (QoE) and QoE models are of an increasing importance to networked systems. The traditional QoE modeling for...

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In the Room Where It Happens: Characterizing Local Communication and Threats in Smart Homes

The network communication between Internet of Things (IoT) devices on the same local network has significant implications for platform and...

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French Parliamentary election and mobile traffic

In May 2019, the French European parliamentary election was held, and 6 parties reached seats in the parliament. In this...

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AI in the Gray: Exploring Moderation Policies in Dialogic Large Language Models vs. Human Answers in Controversial Topics

The introduction of ChatGPT and the subsequent improvement of Large Language Models (LLMs) have prompted more and more individuals to...

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In-depth analysis of the Android supply chain: Vendor customizations on critical networking components

The openness and extensibility of the Android Open Source Project (AOSP) enable Android device vendors, also known as Original Equipment...

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Simulation-based Comparison of Network Scale-Up Methods

The Network Scale-up Method (NSUM) is a method to estimate hard-to-reach populations based on indirect surveys. Unlike the classical surveys,...

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Rethinking LiFi for Carbon Neutral Sunlight-based Communication

Wireless communication has to be redesigned to achieve sustainable communication infrastructure providing net-zero carbon dioxide emission. In this presentation, we...

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SIGNiPHY: Reconciling Random Access with Directional Reception for Efficient mmWave WLANs

Millimeter-Wave (mmWave) WiFi can provide very low latency and multi-Gbps throughput, but real-world deployments usually do not achieve the theoretically...

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