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What we measure when we measure

In this talk, we will show the importance of knowing the context and the good use of mathematics and statistics...

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A decade of IoT/embedded firmware security - a vision stretching from large-scale offensive analysis to scalable defensive techniques

Firmware is at the heart and core of any (I)IoT/embedded system and device. Firmware is essentially software, and time and...

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Building Smart and Fast Systems using Machine Learning and Computer Vision

Nowadays, computing platforms use a mix of different hardware technologies, to scale application performance, resource capacities and achieve cost effectiveness....

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Cybersecurity and Privacy Law for Smart Products and related Digital Marketing: US and EU Perspectives

Smart product innovation is having a huge impact in today’s world.  Smart products, broadly construed, find themselves in the homes...

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Towards Improving Code Stylometry Analysis in Underground Forums

Code Stylometry has emerged as a powerful mechanism to identify programmers.While there have been significant advances in the field, existing...

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Towards AI-based Control and Orchestration in the Open RAN: Architectures, Algorithms, Testbeds

About Tommaso Melodia Tommaso Melodia is the William Lincoln Smith Chair Professor with the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering...

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A decade of improving CDN performance and reliability

I have spent the last decade designing techniques to improve and enhance the performance of the content distribution networks (CDNs)...

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Impact of transmission cost on Age of Information at Nash equilibrium in random-based medium access

Random-based medium access protocols are often considered inefficient and unstable from a game theoretic perspective, because the players (i.e., the...

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Resource Optimization for Moving Target Tracking and Remote Sensing Using Minimum Flow Algorithm and Identifying Codes

In this talk, we will discuss two resource optimization problems, one in the domain of moving target tracking with mobile...

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Domain-Specific Serverless Computing across Edge-to-Cloud Continuum

During the past decade, human beings experienced the prevalence of communication through various digital devices. While we can call the...

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