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Coded Caching in Heterogeneous Scenarios

Coded caching is a technique for reducing congestion in communication networks by prefetching content during idle periods and exploiting multicasting...

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Graph Constructions for Machine Learning Applications: New Insights and Algorithms

Graphs have long been used in various problems, such as analyzing social networks, machine learning, network protocol optimization, or image...

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Beyond Third-Party Cookies: Safeguarding User Data from Storage and Exfiltration with CookieGraph and PURL

The online tracking ecosystem has grown increasingly sophisticated in response to anti-tracking browser countermeasures and emerging privacy regulations. The central...

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From Quantum Algorithms to Quantum Services with PlanQK

P PlanQK is a platform that provides an ecosystem for the hosting and deployment of quantum services. In this presentation,...

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ARES: A God of War to Bring “Peace" to Heterogeneous Robots

Robot Swarms consists of a special type of distributed systems where robots exchange sensed data in order to coordinate robot...

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Global IoT testbed for security and privacy research in the real world

IoT devices are known to have security and privacy risks, but studying these risks in a real-world context has been...

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Rods with Laser Beams: Understanding Browser Fingerprinting on Phishing Pages

Phishing is one of the most common forms of social engineering attacks and is regularly used by criminals to compromise...

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Distributed Computing: A Guided Tour

During my stay at IMDEA Networks, I have remarked that the terms “distributed computing” sounded like dark magic to some...

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Prediction of User Privacy Preferences in Mobile Devices via Federated Learning

The pervasiveness of always-connected mobile devices fostered a multitude of applications that provide contextualized services to users. Many of these...

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Innovating in computer networks one data-plane program at a time

It has been more than eight years since the original P4 paper was published. Since then, programmable data planes have...

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