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Telecom cloud-native development: an industry point of view

Telcos are increasingly moving from physical/virtual to cloud-native network functions in the context of 5G adoption. In this talk we...

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DOTE: Rethinking (Predictive) Traffic Engineering

Flow optimization in the presence of uncertainty about future traffic demands is a fact of life in many operational environments....

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IoT Human-in-the-Loop Sensing – Use Cases, Challenges, and Approaches

We live in a world that is full of interconnected sensors, ranging from dedicated monitoring equipment to sensors incorporated into...

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Analyzing Mobility Open Data and Human Behavior on Online Social Networks for Creating and Improving AI Applications

Information systems are ever-increasingly intelligent and present in the daily lives of people and companies, facilitating and modifying the performance...

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Predicting Customer Quality of Service and Classifying Customer Complaints of a Large Fixed Broadband Service Provider using Machine Learning

As in many other organizations, broadband access providers use Active Network Measurements and Trouble Ticket Systems to identify, record and...

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Sensing the Physical World in Unprecedented Ways

This talk will cover a new generation of technologies that can sense, connect, and perceive the physical world in unprecedented...

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Protecting privacy through metadata analysis

Metadata, or ‘data about data’ can be a rich source of details and context, revealing information about a user even...

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Swarm Robotics: a new “swiss knife” framework for designing, modeling, and experimenting with networks

Swarm Robotics (SR) is a fast-growing field that studies the behavior of large, networked groups of autonomous agents. Due to...

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Data-driven Approaches for Assessing the Security and Privacy of Digital Infrastructures

Modern internet applications are complex software artifacts, hosted on multiple infrastructures that rely on one another to provide proper functionality....

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Graph reconstruction in the congested clique

The congested clique model is a message-passing model of distributed computing where the underlying communication network is the complete graph...

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