The Dawn of AI-Native Networks and Transforming Connectivity with AI-as-a-Service

13 Jun

Dr. Merve Saimler, Senior Researcher at Ericsson Research, Istambul, Turkey

External Presentation (External Speaker)

With the journey towards 6G, we envision the network evolving into an AI-native platform that not only utilizes AI internally but also exposes its AI capabilities to support a wide range of applications. At its core, this evolution involves the incorporation of AI-driven solutions, elevating network performance to unprecedented levels while introducing an era of intelligent network automation. This shift represents a cornerstone in network architecture evolution towards AI-Nativeness, embodying intelligence at every stage. The AI-native concept involves integrating intrinsic and reliable AI capabilities seamlessly into the design, deployment, operation, and maintenance of networks. Moreover, this paradigm embraces a data-driven, knowledge-based ecosystem to develop novel AI-based functionalities and replace static mechanisms with adaptive AI solutions. Key components include MLOps for real-time decision-making, DataOps for distributed data management, AI-as-a-Service (AIaaS) for democratizing AI capabilities, and Zero-Touch Management for autonomous network operations. Additionally, the exposure of AI services, AIaaS, is one aspect of this overall vision. The idea is that the network, functioning as an AIaaS provider, can offer pre-built AI models, datasets, algorithms, and tools that applications can readily access through Application Programming Interfaces (APIs). Consequently, the primary advantage of AIaaS lies in enabling applications to leverage AI functionalities without having to construct and manage their own AI infrastructure. Therefore, the network transforms into a platform that fosters innovation for a variety of use cases.

In this seminar, we will discuss the fundamental concepts of AI-Native networks and AIaaS and discuss how exposing these AI capabilities can support a wide range of applications. Specifically, we will dive into the world of AI-native networks and AIaaS, highlighting the new era where intelligent solutions are not merely accessible but integral. Toward the end of the seminar, we will discuss our contributions and highlight our results.

About Merve Saimler

Dr. Merve Saimler joined Ericsson Research in 2020 and currently works as a senior researcher. She received her Ph.D. in Electrical and Electronics Engineering from Koç University the same year. Since joining Ericsson, Dr. Saimler has contributed to several flagship projects, including Hexa-X-I and Hexa-X-II, where she has served as a task leader, as well as Desire6G. Her innovative contributions have earned her recognition as one of the “100 Brilliant and Inspiring Women in 6G” for the 2024 edition. Dr. Saimler has played an active role in the Ericsson Research team, resulting in numerous patents and several technical papers. In 2023, her performance and dedication were recognized with the Key Contributor Award from Ericsson. Her field of expertise encompasses AI, AI-as-a-Service, network slicing, Service Level Agreement management, and Industrie 4.0. Dr. Saimler’s current research focus is on Network for AI, where she explores the integration of AI with network infrastructure to enhance performance and efficiency.

This event will be conducted in English

  • Location: MR-A1 [Ramón] & MR-A2 [Cajal], IMDEA Networks Institute, Avda. del Mar Mediterráneo 22, 28918 Leganés – Madrid
  • Organization: IMDEA Networks Institute; NETCOM Research Group (Telematics Engineering Department, UC3M)
  • Time: 13:00
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