Madrid will host the prestigious ACM MobiCom 2023 conference

This is the 29th edition of the conference on Mobile Computing and Networking

28 July 2022

Madrid will host the 29th edition of ACM MobiCom 2023. The prestigious international conference dedicated to addressing challenges in the areas of mobile computing and wireless networks will be held in October 2023. IMDEA Networks is part of the event’s organizing committee. Specifically, IMDEA Networks Research Director and Research Professor Joerg Widmer is the general co-chair of the conference, and Domenico Giustiniano, Research Associate Professor, is the vice general chair.

The MobiCom conference series serves as a highly selective, premier international forum addressing networks, systems, algorithms, and applications that support mobile computers and wireless networks. In addition to the regular conference program, MobiCom 2023 will include a set of workshops, research demonstrations, and a poster session that includes the ACM Student Research Competition.

MobiCom’23 will emphasize novelty and creativity while, at the same time, taking a broader and more inclusive view of wireless and mobile systems research. On one hand, the more novel the concept, the harder it can be to fully develop or evaluate all its aspects. On the other hand, the more practical and developed the system, the more simple and sometimes known techniques must be leveraged. The review process will take both cases into account as intellectual merit and novelty can be found in techniques, system designs, implementations, and applications. The review process will also favor papers that describe how the authors will provide access to well-documented datasets, modeling and/or simulation tools, and codebases to support the reproducibility of their methods as well as papers that highlight and discuss not only the significance but also the limitations of the work.

For more information, visit the conference website. Stay tuned!

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