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SocialProbing brings together an interdisciplinary group of researchers who will combine their knowledge and skills to develop techniques, technologies and...

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Monitoring a process/phenomenon of specific interest at the network edge is prevalent in Cyber-Physical Systems (CPS), remote healthcare, smart buildings,...

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Fifth-generation (5G) networks are now entering a stable phase in terms of system architecture and commercial release, and the identification...

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The energy consumption of mobile networks has been the source of animated debates in the recent period, with the deployment...

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IMDEA Networks is one of the beneficiaries of the “Plan de Promoción de los Estudios de Telecomunicación” funded by UNICO...

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The mobile communication industry is one of the few industry sectors that has been growing at a very fast pace...

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Although there is not a unique understanding of what 6G will be, several initiatives are ongoing that have put forward...

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To meet the ambitious goals set for 5G evolution and 6G systems, the mobile network architecture is being redesigned for...

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AEON-CPS will focus on the monitoring and control operated by Network Intelligence (NI) on cyber-physical systems (CPSs) relying on 5G...

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In DiscoLedger, we build on top of the results of the DiscoEdge project. There, we have studied how to share...

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