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Opportunistic Scheduling "DOS" technique to improve performance of wireless networks

A new research study claims that the design of algorithms over Distributed Opportunistic Scheduling (DOS) systems brings high benefits in...

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VoIPiggy proposes a new MAC enhanced mechanism to improve the performance in 802.11 WLANS

A study proposes a new 802.11 MAC mechanism for improving the performance in WLANs when voice traffic is present. In...

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Institute IMDEA Networks launches Energy Efficient Networks program

The new research program, to be carried out in cooperation with Universidad Carlos III de Madrid, will develop models and...

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Wi-Fi: cutting the cord

The story of the development of wireless local area networks (WLAN) is a good example of how a research project...

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Cutting the cord: how the world's engineers built Wi-Fi

Although wireless communication, especially on the frontier-like ISM band, is fraught with hidden dangers, the vendors working together in the...

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Looking for maximum energy efficiency in wireless cellular access networks

An award-winning study tackles the challenge of energy saving in wireless cellular networks, proposing innovative solutions for energy performance optimization...

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CARMEN project fosters carrier-grade mesh networking

The CARMEN project will allow the provision of carrier-grade services over wireless mesh networks comprised of heterogenous radio technologies, meaning...

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FLAVIA project set to build adaptability into the wireless Internet

Institute IMDEA Networks is to participate in FLAVIA, a new project that aims to enable wireless networks to rapidly evolve...

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Excellent grades for CARMEN

The Audit of the European Project CARMEN (CARrrier grade MEsh Networks) conducted in Madrid on March 3rd and 4th has...

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Marcelo Bagnulo, First member of a Spanish Institution to be elected to the Internet Architecture Board

Dr. Marcelo Bagnulo Braun, Associate Professor at the Telematics Department of University Carlos III of Madrid (UC3M), a member of...

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