Tag: Artificial Intelligence (AI)

The challenge of controlling a Superintelligent Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence has an impact on many aspects of our lives. As it progresses, it will allow the automation of...

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The birth of a new discipline: Low-energy Visible Light IoT Systems

New ENLIGHT’EM project, coordinated by IMDEA Networks Institute, is set to use Visible Light Communications (VLC) technology to bring connectivity...

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José Antonio Ruipérez Valiente, 2018 Research Award Spanish Computer Science Association (SCIE) and BBVA Foundation

The members of the jury of the Spanish Computer Science Association (SCIE) – BBVA Foundation 2018, which met on May...

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Exploring the interaction between humans and computers via natural language

Researchers from IMDEA Networks, together with Factory Holding Company 25 (FHC25), have achieved 3rd place in a contest held at...

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