G7 ICT and Industry Ministers highlight transformative role of 5G in Industry 4.0

20 October 2017

The world's seven most industrialized economies (G7) have released a declaration highlighting the transformative role of 5G communication systems in the Next Production Revolution (NPR), also known as Industry 4.0. G7 Ministers see 5G as a key enabler of the highly complex technological demands posed by the digital economy. 

The open encouragement by the Group of 7 of close international cooperation to spur the rapid development and deployment of 5G technologies is good news for pioneering initiatives such as 5TONIC. The top world economies are embracing the Fourth Industrial Revolution brought about by the ongoing digitalization of the global economy, and the Madrid-based Open 5G Lab, launched by Telefónica, Ericsson and the research institute IMDEA Networks, where it is headquartered, provides a top-notch environment for collaborative research and innovation on the technologies and the digital infrastructures and capabilities required to make the Industry 4.0 happen.

During the last ‘G7 ICT and Industry Ministerial Meeting 2017’ held last September in Torino, G7 Leaders set up three key policies to support and boost digital transformation: Inclusiveness, Openness and Security. The role of 5G was laid out within the second Key Policy Priority, where Openness was defined as “a key feature of the digital transformation, stemming from basic principles such as the global nature of the Internet and the free flow of information.” The G7 declaration identifies the basic need to enable quality digital infrastructure to support inclusive access to NPR.  In particular, the roll-out of high-speed broadband networks has become key if we are to reach the stated G7 goal “to bring 1.5 billion new Internet users online by 2020 and encourage the domestic deployment of connectivity to all people by 2025.”  

In this context, the report highlights the importance of promoting the development and fast roll out of emerging technologies such as 5G in ways that meet industry and societal needs. The declaration acknowledges that 5G, specifically, “promises a step-change in connectivity, with enormous potential to boost productivity and grow the economy. It could unleash new technologies and transform how we interact with the world providing opportunities for wide-ranging and, as yet, unforeseen new applications, business models and enhanced lifestyles.”

NPR will have far-reaching consequences and pose evolving challenges impacting productivity, employment, skills, economic growth, trade, well-being and the environment. Those countries whose industries are well positioned in the digital race will benefit greatly from it. 5TONIC establishes a unique link between research, academic and industry to promote and give impulse to the digital revolution focused in the promise of 5G. 

Source(s): IMDEA Networks Institute
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