University Carlos III of Madrid and IMDEA Networks bring 5G technology to the stage

27 October 2017

University Carlos III of Madrid (UC3M) participates in the seventeenth edition of the Madrid Science Week with more than thirty activities (all free-of-charge) that will offer a first-hand knowledge of the Institution's R&D+i program. IMDEA Networks is collaborating with UC3M in the staging of a multimedia, theatrical and informative show that explores the effects of 5G technology in our everyday lives. The show will held on November 7th in the Auditorium of the UC3M.

This educational show, entitled "5G on stage: this technology will change your life (and you don’t know it yet)", will combine dance, music, theater and audiovisual elements to explain how 5G technology will influence our lives and everydayness in the years to come. Hyperconnectivity, the Internet of Things, drones … how does technology affect the way we live and relate to the environment and those around us? We will be presented with an example: that of a couple in 2017, when falling in love; and in 2027, about to have a child, when 5G technology is fully implemented.

According to the academic speaker at this event, Arturo Azcorra, professor at UC3M’s Department of Telematic Engineering and Director of the International Research Institute IMDEA Networks, and an active participant in the project, “The future 5G networks will transform the way we perceive and relate to the world around us. The combination of advances in 5G networks will transform current reality into a ‘connected reality’, in which everything and everyone is connected to each other”.

IMDEA Networks participates each year in the Madrid Science Week in its eagerness to disseminate the technological advances made by its scientists (many in close collaboration with UC3M researchers), their research, motivations and efforts. In addition to this show, IMDEA Networks will offer to a somewhat more expert audience the opportunity to get a closer look at its innovative work in a talk about the access to resources within the complex multiplicity of interconnected communication networks in cities. (More information here.)

Source(s): IMDEA Networks Institute
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