Jorge Martín Pérez, new PhD Student

05 October 2016

Jorge Martín Pérez has become a member of the IMDEA Networks research team. He will be working as a PhD Student under the supervision of Dr. Carlos Jesús Bernardos Cano, an Associate Professor at University Carlos III of Madrid, where he is to undertake the Ph.D. program in Telematics Engineering. Jorge’s main areas of research interest are Software Defined Networks (SDN) and network protocols.

Jorge has just completed a Joint Degree in Computer Engineering and Mathematics at the Autonomous University of Madrid (Spain). During his degree he was awarded two consecutive Community of Madrid Excellence Scholarships.

Throughout his studies Jorge became interested in web development, and he admits to an ongoing fascination with networks and how they work (as an undergrad he completed the Networks course with honors). His final degree project focused on signal processing, and consisted in improving the detection of irregularities on nuclear combustible bars. He was recently offered a position at Amazon Video in London, but has taken the decision to continue his education on the topic that is closest to his heart: networks.

PhD Students at IMDEA Networks

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