5TONIC announces first 5G Start-up Competition at South Summit 2016

06 October 2016

The open research and innovation laboratory 5TONIC will announce tomorrow at South Summit 2016 the launch of the first 5G Start-up Competition.

5TONIC has chosen the leading startup conference in Southern Europe, South Summit 2016, to announce an initiative that actively promotes the engagement of new businesses in pioneering 5G innovation:  the first global 5G Start-up Competition. The announcement will be made tomorrow, October 7th at 11:00, during the panel ‘Connectivity & 5G: Fueling the Digital Revolution’ that will be held at the so-called Sandbox Stage of South Summit.

5G technologies, applications and business ecosystems are developing at a very fast pace. 5G is a major enabler for leading firms from a wide range of industries that are embracing digitization in order to become more competitive. Therefore there is an increasing need for companies pioneering in 5G innovation who can understand and address their needs. With this contest 5TONIC wants to identify new ventures with innovative potential and propel them to the 5G business arena.

Winners will be entitled to kick-start their project with 5TONIC and will be granted access to 5TONIC facilities, where they will be able to interact with the lab’s research and industry experts.

Interested companies can send an email to info@5tonic.org. The contest is set to launch on October 15th and it will be announced at the 5TONIC site https://www.5tonic.org/.

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