“At IMDEA Networks you work with brilliant professors. It’s challenging but rewarding”

Why, what, how and where: an alumnus takes stock of his experience as a predoctoral researcher at IMDEA Networks

05 February 2024

We interview one of the members of our Alumni Network, Dr. Santiago Andrés Azcoitia. He obtained his PhD from IMDEA Networks and Universidad Carlos III de Madrid back in May 2023 and is now working as a Postdoc researcher at IMDEA Networks Institute. He is part of the Data Transparency Lab, led by Nikolaos Laoutaris. His research focuses on Human Centric Data Economy.

Why did you decide to pursue a PhD?

I’ve always been curious about technology, innovation, and its impact on the economy and society. At some point, I came across a crazy PhD offer looking for students interested in the value of data. After twenty years working in the telecom industry and in consulting, embarking in a PhD was not in my life plan. However, after short research I realized that the topic was timely, future-proof, and it perfectly complemented my skills. So, I decided to make a parenthesis in my professional life to become a PhD student at IMDEA Networks.

What would you highlight about your time as a PhD student at IMDEA Networks?

I would highlight the freedom and time to study cutting-edge topics of interest to you. Opportunities to try and test, fail and try again, participate in discussions and mind-boggling brainstorms, publish in top tier venues, give talks and make a name of yourself in a completely new emerging topic.

Do you feel your time at IMDEA Networks prepared you well for your professional career?

Definitely yes. At IMDEA Networks you work with brilliant professors. It’s challenging but rewarding. Not only was I able to get my PhD and a handful publications, but most interestingly to develop a robust speech, skills and tools that are definitely useful to the industry and can help me find new professional fields in the years to come.

Have you moved into industry, academia or the research sector?

Well, I’m still involved in innovation projects at IMDEA Networks, and I am helping new PhD students follow up on my previous work. It turned out to be an extraordinary thriving research field with many applications for the industry, and with an ongoing completely new field in regulation!  In fact, I am also thinking of ways to use all this knowledge to provide services to the industry, keeping an eye on what’s going on research and academia always.

Source(s): IMDEA Networks Institute
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