Claudio Fiandrino, awarded Ramón y Cajal research grant

IMDEA Networks Institute Senior Researcher receives grant from the most competitive call to attract research talent

07 February 2024

IMDEA Networks Senior Researcher Claudio Fiandrino has been awarded the Ramón y Cajal grant from the Spanish Ministry of Science and Innovation. This grant promotes the incorporation of national and foreign researchers with an outstanding track record in R&D centers. It is a great recognition to the work of technology transfer, to the practical impact on society, of institutions such as IMDEA Networks, and the team of excellence that integrates it.

“I am deeply honored to have been awarded with this highly prestigious grant. In essence, this recognizes years of hard work, not only from my side, but from the whole network of peers with whom I collaborate. But, telling the truth, receiving this grant is more than just personal recognition; it is an incredible opportunity to advance my research in AI trustworthiness and potentially make a significant impact shaping the way AI is expected to drive operations in future mobile networks”, he highlights.

The selection is based on a rigorous competitive process according to curricular merits and the ability to lead a line of research, based on scientific and professional experience and the independence of his or her career. In short, three aspects have been taken into account during the evaluation phase: their contributions throughout their research career, their independence and ability to attract funding and, of course, how well-known they are internationally in their field.

Regarding his research, Claudio’s work focuses on two main areas: AI reliability and network measurements for mobile networks (5G and 6G). “Mobile networks, including 5G and earlier generations, have had a profound impact on the lives of people around the world, enabling instant and widespread communication, regardless of location. With measurements, we characterize aspects of 5G operation that have a practical impact on day-by-day activities. Grounding on real experience, we study specific AI techniques that will drive future network operations and develop methodologies that augment the understanding of the corresponding AI logic and its robustness. This is key to lower the barrier in adopting AI into production networks”, he says.

With this grant, Claudio will be able to partially support his research for the next 5 years. “Ramón y Cajal fellowship will allow me to consolidate further my research making it possible to continue doing what I love most: tackling complex problems like that of AI trustworthiness, understanding how to deliver solutions to these problems, and working tightly with incredibly talented minds”, he concludes.


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