Year: 2012

Institute IMDEA Networks launches multi-device open source operating system project

The research project, carried out in cooperation with two industrial partners, Zed and Factory Holding Company 25, is developing a...

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The Department of Telematics of the Carlos III University scores very high in the ranking of university degrees published by EL MUNDO newspaper

The Telematics Engineering degree of the Carlos III University of Madrid leads the Top 50 University Degrees ranking published by...

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Particular readings madri+d: Balaji Rengarajan

Balaji is a Full Researcher at Institute IMDEA Networks. He earned his Ph.D. and M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering from the...

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FLAVIA: a unified architecture for future wireless devices

FLAVIA (FLexible Architecture for Virtualizable future wireless Internet Access) is the name of a European project aiming to revolution the...

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Transit for-Peering "TP4" Interconnection for Cost Reduction in Internet traffic

A new research study carried out by Institute IMDEA Networks proposes a new type of interconnection between Internet Service Providers...

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Opportunistic Scheduling "DOS" technique to improve performance of wireless networks

A new research study claims that the design of algorithms over Distributed Opportunistic Scheduling (DOS) systems brings high benefits in...

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VoIPiggy proposes a new MAC enhanced mechanism to improve the performance in 802.11 WLANS

A study proposes a new 802.11 MAC mechanism for improving the performance in WLANs when voice traffic is present. In...

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An Economic Side-Effect of Internet traffic engineering through “Prefix Deaggregation” technique

Research carried out by Institute IMDEA Networks and University Carlos III of Madrid (UC3M) focuses on the economic side-effects of...

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"Computer science, in a sense, is a modern branch of mathematics"

Interview with Zhi-Li Zhang, Visiting Researcher, Institute IMDEA Networks 1. To begin this interview, we are curious about how you...

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Institute IMDEA Networks appoints Prof. Dr. Zhi-Li Zhang as Visiting Researcher

Dr. Zhang brings to the team extensive research experience in areas broadly including computer communication and networks, Internet technology, multimedia...

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