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The overall objective of the project is to structure and coordinate Quantum Communications R+D+i capacities of the Community of Madrid...

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In this project we propose the intensive use of data in order to monitor the evolution of the COVID-19 pandemic...

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The COVID-19 pandemic vastly amplified the need for scalable technological solutions that can provide location-based analytics to trace people and...

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Cloud computing is a new emerging paradigm in distributed systems whose goal is to offer software as a service, enabling the...

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This project strives for a significant scientific advance in the future media Internet where important advances are necessary to allow end-users to perceive...

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In recent years there have been multiple examples of bio-inspired systems, which have eased progress in different ICT areas. Some...

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The aim of the TIGRE5-CM project is to design an architecture for future generation mobile networks, based on the SDN...

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Big Data is an emerging paradigm for large scale distributed data management that aims at being able to process large...

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Software and Virtualization Techniques for the Improvement of Performance and Scalability in the Integration of SDN and Network Services based on the Cloud in 5G Technologies

Today’s networks have been provisioned statically because of historical reasons, however current and future traffic trends require a dynamic way...

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